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Good tip while deciding your structured settlement agreement

May 5, 2012

You might have been receiving structured settlement payments via the personal injury damages claims.  If you are not satisfied with the structured settlement payments which you are receiving then you might have been planning to sell your structured settlement in exchange for a huge lump sum of cash. If yes, then be aware because many structured settlement brokers and structured settlements companies often claim that all type of structured settlements are easily bought and sold, but reality is far different. The selling of structured settlement might not be possible in all cases and if it is possible then it will not be a very financially wise decision for you to sell your structured settlement. There are some advantages of selling your structured settlement but there are some disadvantages of selling structured settlements as well and you should know all the pros and cons of the matter.

Always make a wise decision from the beginning:

It is always wise to make the decision of receiving the amount of structured settlement from the start. A person has two choices whether he should choose to get paid in the form of installment or he might choose to get payment in a lump sum. You may also decide to get a smaller lump sum and then periodic payments and also have the choice that you will need a lump sum at the specific date in the future. In order to take the best decision you can also contact a financial advisor.

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